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eBay Mandate: Fashion Deep Dive

Vertical-specific guide on the February 2021 eBay mandate

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Webinar with DIT on Item Specifics and the latest eBay Mandate

Item Specifics and how they can boost your eBay sales performance.

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Optimise your store data for eBay quickly and efficiently

Let Optiseller help you source and prepare data for the eBay marketplace

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Are your eBay sales slower than normal?

10 tips for struggling eBay stores

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Looking to increase marketplace sales?


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Focused on data

We live and breathe the data that flows through marketplaces.

We know how to capture it, how to analyse and review it, and the best practices required to ensure your data is of the highest quality. With Optiseller, you'll have the tools and expertise at hand to make the right (and informed) decisions that will transform your growth.

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(The dashboard allows you to view datasets in six-week blocks, showing trends in improvement or degradation in your KPIs.)

Focused on change

We help brands, retailers, integrators and technology platforms drive transformational growth.

We do that by providing the data, tools and expertise to increase sales and reduce manual cost.

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Increase your sales
Key to ecommerce success is the data that fuels your business. Optiseller can enhance your data to drive greater visibility.
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Comply with policies
eBay and Amazon have changing policies you need to comply with. We have the tools to meet their seller policies.
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Run efficiently
Many sellers are held back by processes and resources. Optiseller will do the heavy lifting – so you can grow your business.


Focused on you

We provide you with the best tools for your business.

Our category specific plans provide the key tools required that help you make changes fast.

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Parts & Accessories
Attract the right buyers and deflect the wrong ones with the correct compatible information.
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Fashion moves fast and your data needs to be primed for the demand and pace.
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Home & Garden
Optimize your Home and Garden product data and drive increased sales on eBay.
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Purchase with confidence based on detailed and accurate electronics data.
Our world in numbers
Most users see significant improvement in KPIs in the first month of adopting Optiseller.



Total number of products we've analysed since we launched Optiseller in 2016.




Users harnessing the power of Optiseller to drive transformational growth for their business.




Total (and growing) number of listings we review globally every single week across multiple channels.

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