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Meet the team

Industry experts focused on one thing - your success

Optiseller is an ecommerce data platform from Developing IT, founded by managing director Craig MacCallum in 2004.

We're a close-knit team focused on ecommerce solutions and tools providing data that drives growth for online sellers, brands, marketplaces and technology partners.

Having worked with some of the largest retailers worldwide, and driven the launch and growth of over 600 eCommerce stores, we have a wealth of experience in analysing business problems and providing best practice solutions that drive success.

Steering our ship:

Craig MacCallum


Having started his career in banking and online payments, Craig is well positioned to understand the commercial, technical and operational challenges a Retail client has.

With a focus on data quality, enrichment and optimisation, Craig leads a team focused on producing Channel Ready data and analytics for leading Brands and Retailers worldwide.

Raymond Booth

Head of Product and Technology

Raymond has extensive experience in all aspects of delivering and maintaining complex software products, primarily in e-Commerce and the Financial Services.

Optiseller provides the best possible solutions for customers at scale. Raymond ensures any new opportunities which help customers are reviewed and made available.

Declan Power


Declan is a senior commercial leader and subject matter expert in sales, marketing and operations.

Declan spent 6 years consulting for eBay, providing commercial strategy development and delivery, and enabling the onboarding and growth of retailers and brands to the eBay marketplace platform worldwide.