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Cost Saving Plans From Optiseller - Now Including New Aspect Finder+

February 20, 2020

Optiseller now offer new cost saving plans for our most popular optimisation and analytics tools, including the new Aspect Finder+.

Research conducted by eBay has shown that 'completing important Item Specifics can increase sales by up to 80%'.

Through Optiseller's partnership with eBay, users already have and will continue to have free access to two services to help with this (our Category Tool and Aspect Finder Tool).

Now users can also get access to the new Optiseller Aspect Finder+, which scans listings across a much wider set of item specifics beyond those mandated by eBay to help achieve a further uplift in sales.

Aspect Finder+ Screen shot

Aspect Finder+ is available to subscribers of our 'Essential Plan', a paid for subscription which also provides access to other Optiseller tools and services including Single Listings Review, Category Lookup, Promotion Checker, Aspect Finder, Store Performance Dashboard, GS1 Reports, Duplicate Listings Reports, and the ability to Download Listings.

Other plans are also available and if you choose to subscribe you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time.

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