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With marketplaces set for explosive growth and expected to account for 40% of global online retail by 2020, it's a sales channel that shouldn't be ignored.

If you're a brand looking to increase your sales channels by adding marketplaces, or improve the results you're already seeing on them, we can help you harness the data available.

Brand Performance Dashboard

It can be challenging to monitor, control, optimise and grow your brand presence and sales performance across multiple channels.

Tracking multiple data sources including proprietary & channel eCommerce stores (both stand alone and marketplace), Optiseller can provide your brand with the data and insight you need to be successful.

Competitor Brand Performance Dashboard

Competitive analysis and positioning is vital to your brand, and our Competitor Brand Performance Dashboard does exactly what it says.

It'll give you the data and insight you need to analyse your competitors and their brands, so you can build a strategy that puts you ahead of the game.

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