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Item Specifics and eBay

As you will have found out in our webinar, eBay requires certain Item Specifics in a range of different categories. Item Specifics are the key details about your product, such as size, colour, length, brand, and much more. 

Without certain Item Specifics, you won't be able to publish new, manually relisted or revised listings. But there's more: adding the right Item Specifics to your listings can improve their visibility on the eBay platform, providing a major boost to sales and helping your business grow.

Entering and updating Item Specifics manually, however, can take time and resources that many sellers simply don't have to spare.


Here's how Aspect Finder+ can help:

Using Aspect Finder+ is the easiest way to improve your Item Specifics.

Aspect Finder+ scans your listings to identify any missing important Item Specifics. If this information is stored in other parts of your listing, the tool will retrieve it for you in any category, on any eBay site. 

Aspect Finder+ enables sellers to meet eBay Item Specific requirements. It also suggests ways to add and improve the values of your listings to increase the number of views on your items - and grow your eBay sales.

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