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Aspect Finder+ Free to eBay Sellers

July 01, 2020

From now until the 31st of December Optiseller's Aspect Finder+ tool is free for all eBay sellers, courtesy of eBay. This software is essential to make the most of eBay's item specifics. Your company can use Optiseller's expert advice in order to gain online visibility on one of the world’s leading online retail platforms.  

What is Aspect Finder+?

This tool helps online retailers optimise their listings and increase sales. Aspect Finder+ will highlight missing item specifics, make suggestions and automatically review your current listings to keep them up to date. Aspect Finder+ will allow you to process all of your listings in any category. Using this tool, you are gaining expert insight for free, and saving time trying to optimise your eBay listings. To find all of the appropriate item specifics for each category takes a lot of time and patience, this is something that can easily be handled through the use of our tool. 

Why are Item Specifics so Important?

Keeping on top of your item specifics allows you to accurately describe your product, allowing buyers to easily find products and purchase with confidence. Buyers are looking for a quick and easy experience. When searching with the important keywords or filtering by appropriate item specifics, your product will be more visible when a customer filters to options that match the description of your product. Without these, your products will not appear despite being an appropriate match. It is not enough to simply have a relevant title as when buyers filter down their searches, you want to be at the top of the rankings. By using Aspect Finder+, you will increase sales prospects and customer satisfaction while minimising product returns.

See our video for more information on the importance of Item Specifics.

How to use Aspect Finder+

Here is a short step by step video guide to using the tool.


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