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Optiseller now provides access to TecDoc, one of the world's largest vehicle databases

July 31, 2019

TecDoc Data includes:
Product Attributes, Fitment Notes, Imagery and Ktypes.

To gain access to this data, an annual TecDoc license is required which entitles you to 5,000 products worth of data. Additional batches of 10,000 products can be purchased.

The license cost is £600 per annum, and additional product batches are £480.

There are terms and conditions on the usage of the TecDoc data which can be viewed here



List of Products
We can provide the data at the product level, so if you have a list of Brand/MPNs or EANs for the products you require we can provide these. All you have to do is send the list and we will provide the data.

You will only be charged for the products that are successfully found.

List of Brand / Segments
We can also provide data based on sub-segments of brand. Some of the larger brands can contain 1,000's of products and if you do not wish to purchase the entire product data, we can provide the data at segment level.

For example, Febi Bilstein has around 40k products but if you only require Belt Drive, Cooling Systems or Wheel Suspension, then it can reduce significantly.

We can also provide entire brand data sets. If you provide the brands that you are interested in we will provide a quote.

For more information, take a look at our help library 

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