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Optimise your marketplace business

Actionable insight that drives your online sales growth


Don't just rely on gut feel to drive your business. Benefit from proven tools and expert advice that have transformed the growth of online merchants just like you.

In the highly competitive world of selling online, the key to your growth is understanding how you're performing, the areas for improvement and how to make changes. Having accurate, clean and consistent data is vital. It can define your success.

But figuring this out can be a complex task if you have to do it manually. So, we've developed the tools that will automate the process for you and provide you with the rich information you need to optimise your data. We'll also guide you with recommended changes you can make, based on the success of other marketplace merchants.

Knowledge is king
With the eBay Store Performance Dashboard you get a detailed view of all the key metrics and trends – like hits and conversion rates - you need to understand how your business is performing compared to our industry benchmarks.
eBay Store Performance Dashboard Image
Expert help areas focus Image
Expert help
You'll have a clear view of where the gaps lie so you can then prioritise which areas you focus on to see immediate impact on your sales.
And to help, we'll give you best practise guidance on what has made a difference for other sellers, including expert recommendations from eBay.
Double trouble
If you fall foul of eBay's duplicate listings policy, you run the risk of having your seller privileges suspended.
Our Duplicate Listings report highlight any duplicates you have, and those with the best sales history, so you protect search rankings and sales conversions of your better performing listings.
Duplicate Listings Image
Item Specifics Image
Be found
Including item specifics in your listings will help buyers find your products. If you don't, you'll be missing out on sales.
Maximise visibility of your products with our detailed Item Specifics report that will show where there are gaps, and provide expert recommendations that will improve search placement and conversion.
Reassure buyers
Shoppers are becoming more wary of fake goods online, so you'll want them to be sure yours are genuine. One way of proving authenticity is including GTINs on your listings.
We've partnered with GS1 so you can quickly check all your products against their database and identify if you have missing or incorrect GTINs.
GTINs Report Image
Promotions Checker Image
Real deal
You don't want to waste time on any random and unrelated eBay deal promotions, but you don't want to miss out on relevant ones either.
With Optiseller, you can save time by checking to see if a single item or a range of items are eligible for deals before you submit them to eBay.
Right place
It shouldn't be a case of spray and pray. Get your products in front of the right buyers by listing your products in the right categories, with the right information.
Search for the best categories for your products across multiple eBay sites, and quickly identify which item specifics are required, recommended, and recommended values.
Category Lookup Image
Single Listing Image
Laser focused
If you want to understand how particular listings can be improved, just plug them into Optiseller's Single Listing Review tool one by one. We'll do the rest, drilling down to review how they stack up and provide you with detailed information on the areas you should focus on improving.
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