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Keep track of all the vital KPIs for your eBay stores and use the insight on the areas you can improve to maximise your sales.

Monitor Your Performance

With the eBay Store Performance Dashboard you get a detailed view of all the key metrics – like conversion rates - you need to understand how your business is performing compared to our industry benchmarks.

Focus Your Efforts

Knowing what needs improving and where to start can be tricky. With the dashboard, you'll have a clear view of where the gaps lie so you can then prioritise which areas you focus on to see immediate impact on your sales.

Measure The Difference

With a tabular view of all the key areas – like item specifics and titles - you'll be able to easily see which changes are making a difference over a period of time and which ones need more attention.

Get best practice advice

Where you're not sure what improvements to make, we'll give you guidance on what has made a difference for our other users, along with links to expert recommendations from eBay directly.

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