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eBay announce Russia as part of Global Shipping

March 26, 2021

eBay has just announced that they are expanding the Global Shipping Programme to include Russia, growing an already extensive list of countries that cover over 60 million buyers worldwide.  

eBay’s Global Shipping Programme makes it straightforward for eBay sellers based in the UK to operate internationally. Instead of having to deal with customs, clearance, tracking and similar operations for each individual shipment, sellers can let eBay’s Global Shipping centre in the UK take care of the details. The Global Shipping Programme also protects sellers from negative and neutral feedback.  

“Although eBay has had a presence in Russia since 2013 when it launched its Russian-language website, the country was one of the few major ones still not covered by eBay’s Global Shipping Programme, so this is a major milestone for the company, both in terms of international presence and buyer reach,” explains Chris Cook of Customer Success. 

For a full list of countries covered by eBay’s Global Shipping Programme, visit Global Shipping Programme | eBay

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