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Video is gaining traction for eBay listings and storefronts

April 07, 2021

eBay have announced that they plan to expand video capability for listings and storefronts in the year ahead. 

The move will see video content grow across the marketplacein an effort to improve the buyer experience by providing more comprehensive information on the products on offer.   

“Many in the industry will see eBay’s upping their video game as long overdue,” says Chris Cook of Optiseller. “Many retailer websites have long featured video content, and it’s something that certain audient segments have grown to expect.” 

To begin with, the videos will be exclusive to the eBay app. The plan is to eventually make them available on the eBay website, too.  

There are so many listings across the eBay marketplace that are craving for a video!” adds Cook.  

Although the new video feature is not yet widely available, at Optiseller we recommend that sellers begin to prepare for the change by starting to generate video content, or at the very least prepare to do so in the short term.  

Sellers should see this as an advantage, not a chore. Video content can really enhance the buyer experience; for example, in the Fashion vertical, videos of clothing items can help show the hang and quality of the fabric. Better item descriptions are proven to result in lower return rates, so it is worth taking video seriously.” 

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