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Identify and populate the product attributes that are important for your products and make sure that your products are found on eBay. Allow your customers to purchase with confidence based on detailed and accurate electronics product data.
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Make sure you're in sync with optimised data that puts your Electronic products in front of the right buyers.

Product attributes are very important when selling Electronics.  For example, adding model number, brand, screen size, capacity etc to your listings will ensure that your products are more visible on ebay and allow your buyers to purchase with confidence.

Visibility is key for Electronics products
Shoppers looking for Electronics items on eBay are likely to use product data to search and eBay filters to narrow search results. It's imperative that you structure the data within Electronics listings to ensure that your products are visible and easy to find on eBay. This will drive more sales of your products.
The Optiseller Aspect Finder will help you identify where you have gaps in this data for your Electronics items, make expert suggestions and allow you to update this data on eBay.
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Keep on top of your performance
There are so many different levers to pull, dials to turn, when it comes to powering your eCommerce business. Titles, descriptions, images and more. They all go to help your products be found and buyers to purchase.​
Optiseller's eBay Store Performance Dashboard will give you a detailed view of your KPIs and highlight where your store is performing well, and where and how you can improve it.
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Single Listings Review
Drill down into single listings and get detailed information on areas to improve on.

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Category Lookup
Quickly search for the best categories for your products across multiple eBay sites.

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Promotion Checker
Check if one or more items are eligible for eBay deals before you submit them.

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Aspect Finder
Scan your active listings to see which ones are missing, update listings with any values we find.

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