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Identify and populate the product attributes that are important for your products and make sure that your products are found on eBay. Allow your customers to purchase with confidence based on detailed and accurate electronics product data.
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Make sure you're in sync with optimised data that puts your Electronic products in front of the right buyers.

Product attributes are very important when selling Electronics.  For example, adding model number, brand, screen size, capacity etc to your listings will ensure that your products are more visible on ebay and allow your buyers to purchase with confidence.

Aspect Finder
The key to growing sales on eBay is making sure you include item specifics (aka Aspects) in all your listings. Not only does this make it easier for buyers to find your products on eBay (and through Google Product Search), it also helps them decide whether to buy or not.
eBay's research in conjunction with Optiseller showed that sellers can benefit from up to 81% increase in sales by completing key Item Specifics. The aspect finder will help you to do that!
eBay Store Dashboard
Tactical weekly review of listings versus marketplace performance and policy benchmarks and best practices. More info
GS1 GTIN Report
Detailed report with insight and recommendations for each listing in regard to integrity of GTINs, using GS1 information. More info
Duplicate Listings
Identifies duplicate listings and gives control of which listings to keep, preserving the best sales history for each item. More info
Download Listings
Easily collate & download your complete listings' data for backup, editing, or uploading to a new seller tool or sales platform. More info
Easy Product
Improve the quality of your listings and streamline their creation across multiple platforms, including eBay and Amazon. More info
Unsold Item Report
Re-listing items can provide a boost in hits and hence sales. This report will help you identify and process any potential listings. More info
Aspect Finder+
Goes beyond the mandates, and allows users to apply these benefits across a wider range of categories and aspects. More info
Also included with all plans
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Single Listings Review
Drill down into single listings & get detailed information on areas to improve on.

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Category Lookup
Quickly search for the best categories for your products across multiple eBay sites.

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Promotion checker icon

Promotion Checker
Check if one or more items are eligible for eBay deals before you submit them.

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