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Fashion sellers
Whether you're selling fast or sustainable fashion, you'll want to benefit from the growing demand online.
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Fashion sellers

Whether you're selling fast or sustainable fashion, you'll want to benefit from the growing demand online.

Our Fashion plan includes the key tools you need to monitor how your stores are performing, drive visibility and sales with optimised data, and reduce costs with automated analysis and expert best practise guidance.

Keep on top of your performance
There are so many different levers to pull, dials to turn, when it comes to powering your eCommerce business. Titles, descriptions, images and more. They all go to help your products be found and buyers to purchase.​
Optiseller's eBay Store Performance Dashboard will give you a detailed view of your KPIs and highlight where your store is performing well, and where and how you can improve it.
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Stay ahead of the pack
In a competitive world of selling fashion items, it helps to know how other merchants in your space are doing. And you can do exactly that with the competitor dashboard.​
You can get a detailed view of how their store is performing and how effective their listings are. Simply plug in the eBay Seller ID and we'll deliver you your first report within 24 hours.
Comply with eBay policy
eBay is continually reviewing mandated item specifics, and without these, you run the risk of your listings being blocked or being charged upgrade fees.​
The chances are you already have the information in your titles or descriptions. Our Aspect Finder tool will scan your listings, identify any missing item specifics and look to retrieve the necessary values from other fields.
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Visibility is key
Shoppers looking for fashion items on eBay are 65% more likely to use filters to narrow down their search results. So, it's important you include all relevant item specifics in your listings for your items to be found.​
Our detailed Item Specifics report will identify gaps and provide expert recommendations for values that will improve your products' visibility and conversion.
Don't double up
Meeting eBay's policy on duplicates is becoming more and more important, and if you don't deal with any issues repercussions can be damaging.​
With our Duplicate Listings Tool, you can review your listings based on values such as EAN, brand, SKU etc. and then download a list of your duplicates you need to act on. You'll be able to quickly identify which ones to keep, and which to remove.
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Combat the counterfeiters
Whether it's trainers, jeans or jewellery, the world of fake goods continues to grow.
So how can you be sure the products you're sourcing are genuine, and how do you reassure buyers they're authentic? One answer is using GTINs. And we've partnered with GS1 so you can quickly check all your products against their database and identify if you have missing or incorrect GTINs.
Manage slow moving listings
Just because your items haven't sold, it doesn't mean they're not wanted. The listing may just need reworking to improve its visibility.
Our Unsold Items report will help you identify any static listings without sales over a 30-day period. You can then give them a boost by refreshing and relisting.
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Also included with all plans
Single listings review icon

Single Listings Review
Drill down into single listings and get detailed information on areas to improve on.

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Category lookup icon

Category Lookup
Quickly search for the best categories for your products across multiple eBay sites.

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Promotion checker icon

Promotion Checker
Check if one or more items are eligible for eBay deals before you submit them.

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Aspect Finder icon

Aspect Finder
Scan your active listings to see which ones are missing, update listings with any values we find.

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